Ali set up her current Studio in Colyton in 2016. She creates stoneware and porcelain ceramics which explore a simple Modernist genre of forms. Her ceramics are thrown on the wheel, then sometimes altered by hand, then fired in a gas kiln.

“Each piece is unique and shows variances in glaze from the edges to the insides of a bowl, for instance. Each pot has its unique character and holds the memory of my focused attention throughout the making process until it’s finally committed to the fire. Glazes react to the firing atmosphere which means each pot has subtle variation in form, colour and texture.”

“The beauty of a pot is one that grows and builds over the making process and then captures light and brings stillness. What makes a good pot? Well It’s also how it feels, the quality of its balance and weight in the hand and where you decide to put it so you can see it and feel it.”

Ali has travelled and worked across the World and this has influenced her work. In Africa she was employed as a VSO technical assistant at a pottery in the middle belt of Nigeria. She would fill her sketchbook with drawings of the surrounding nature in her spare time and drawing continues to be a regular part of her practice.

Ali Herbert Ceramics
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