I studied ceramics at Loughborough and later attended Goldsmiths College for postgraduate study. In ceramics at that time there was a synthesis of tradition and trends and stereotypical boundaries were loosening.

In the early 90’s I worked in Nigeria as a VSO Potter and on my return I joined Muchelney Pottery in Somerset where I was apprentice to John Leach and part of the production team making wood fired tableware. The experience transformed my knowledge and skills as a potter over the 3 years I spent with them. 

My studio is in Nettlecombe, which lies at the foot of Eggardon Hill and it is the most peaceful place to live and work. I use both stoneware and porcelain, work is mostly made on the wheel and sometimes altered by hand. I fire them in a reduction atmosphere which teases out qualities inherent in the materials.

I enjoy making work which develops into a series. Because texture, colour and sometimes even the form of the material is changed by the firing process even minute details can be a guide to where to go next. Themes emerge as I travel along a thread, stemming from the initial idea and steadily developing into a new body of work. This is a measured approach to making quite unlike working to a design but it allows time and choice of materials and thinking space as the work evolves.