Pinched Cup Set

Each cup is unique and nurtured softly into rounded form by my own hand.  Their making is rooted in place, time and material. I first made these Pinch cups during  lockdown when I was unable to get to the studio, without any of the facilities of my usual workplace I was immersed in my early love of materials,  making from just the touch of hand on clay.

The indents on the surface are a record of the rhythm of movements that my fingers makes as I pinch the clay softly into shape.

  • A group of 5 pinch cups
  • Stoneware clay fired to 1280°C
  • Dimensions – 2 cups measure 7.5 cm High x 8.5 cm Diameter and  2 cups measure approx 6 cm High x 6.5 Diameter and 1 mini espresso cup measures 4cm high x 5 cm diameter. 
  • These cups are strong and food safe, they can also be washed in the dishwasher

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