Graphite Mug

Coffee and Cream, the glaze is the colour of Black smoke and the contrast liner glaze is a soft center skin – it’s simple and a little ordinary in my house to be handed this mug steaming with latte after a soggy sunday walk, and from kicking leaves and picking up conkers – these are textures and colours of the season that I love and they transfer into glazes in my studio. From Pear skins to Conkers the inspiration from Nature is endlessly astounding ..why not just go for a walk!
Are you looking for something for someone special, someone who has everything but still deserves that simple treat to enjoy. This is a mug that is so ordinary its beautiful. I catch visitors holding this mug long after the coffee is gone!
I am counting the last of these on two hands! So if you would like to grab one you will have to be quick! There won’t be any more this side of Christmas. I have kept some of the gems from the last gas reduction firing until last!

Height: 8.5cm
Diameter 8.5cm



Glazes react to the firing atmosphere which means each pot has subtle variation in form, colour and texture, making each one individual.

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