Dorset Teabowl


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Holding something handmade allows you to connect with the beauty of nature. In Japan tea bowls are used in the ritual Tea Ceremony which represents harmony, balance and tranquility. The Dorset teabowl fits perfectly in your hand while you enjoy a cherished moment in your day.

The teabowls are dipped in a white clay slip and the marks in the surface are made by sweeping through the wet surface with a handmade brush. The decoration reveals itself through the glaze in the firing.

Each tea bowl is unique and glaze colour and melt is dependent on where they are placed in my reduction kiln during the firing.

  • Stoneware clay fired to 1280°C
  • Dimensions 9.5cm high x 8.5 cm diameter
  • These cups are strong and food safe, they can also be washed in the dishwasher.